With a camera and laptop in my hands, I’m recording some of the things and moments in my life.
Present moments become past, old friendships dissolve with distance and time, new acquaintances become friendships, the cityscapes of the places I’ve lived in blur, life changes and evolves.  Photographs and recorded memories help provide me more solid bases to spring off,  heeding the admonition “those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it”.

Welcome to my photo gallery.

About a hundred and fifty years ago I was in my High School Photography Club.  Back then we used 35 mm film cameras. Films were rated in ASA  and  Plus X was king.  We dabbled with foul chemicals in dark rooms every now and then, it was a whole lot of fun.  We were young students, explorers, and experimenters.  I actually may have known what an f-stop was before cameras had the handy “a” for auto setting.

After high school other things took priority.   Life happened.  Fast forward a bit.  They took my Kodachrome away. Fast forward a lot more.  Digital photography is here. OMG, even my telephone takes pictures and movies.

Last year I got myself a Canon T3 and photoshop .  I’m learning about white balance, ISO’s and a few other geeky technicalities.  The main thing will be to teach me to “see” and record those visual impressions.  Right now I’m a student, explorer, and experimenter all over again.



  1. Thank You for this nomination, but I am afraid Pearl St. is non award blog.


  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog.


  3. Love it! I’m so glad you found my blog so that it could bring me to yours! Sounds like we have much in common, though you have much more photography experience than me! Looking forward to getting to know you and enjoying the journey together!


  4. Thanks for visiting my blog and hope you will stop by again sometime:) I followed.. looking forward to more posts.


  5. I like your Bootcuffs. Do you have a pattern ? I crochet.

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  6. My sister crochets in Northern Ireland, I will ask her and send you the link:)


  7. Hello, it is a pleasure to meet you. Your photography is beautiful! Thank you for following my blog.


  8. I am happy you visited my blog, because it allowed me to find yours! Beautiful photos!

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  9. Many thanks for your recent Follow. Delighted to have found your blog and to be connected now!

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  10. And you are ‘all over again’ing’ very well indeed. Beautiful photography.

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  11. I enjoyed discovering your blog and look forward to more beautiful photographs. I love your interest and love for nature and the earth–something I write about in my blog. You may be interested in my Journey of Spirit and Healing Blog, http://www.michadam.wordpress.com, which tells my journey behind the writing of my upcoming novel, Child of Duende, which honors the spirit of the earth. Blessings!

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  12. I look forward to reading your novel and your blog.


  13. Your photos are gorgeous and your journey sounds alot like mine. I look forward to following your blog! Maybe you’ll join my new Macro Moments challenge– https://musinwithsusan.com/category/macro-moments-challenge/

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  14. Thank you . I will have a look.


  15. Absolutely Stunning!!!

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  16. Thank You. I’m happy you stopped by.

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  17. I really loved your photography! Amazing!!!!!!

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  18. Thank you for following my new blog, very new to this so need all the friends (& advice) I can get. I absolutely love your photos. I’m a keen gardener so love your flower shots 😊 look forward to seeing more

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  19. Hi, Jean. Just want to let you know that the original statement by George Santayana comes at the end of this longer passage: “Progress, far from consisting in change, depends on retentiveness. When change is absolute there remains no being to improve and no direction is set for possible improvement: and when experience is not retained, as among savages, infancy is perpetual. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

    Wikiquotes notes that “This famous statement has produced many paraphrases and variants:

    Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
    Those who do not remember their past are condemned to repeat their mistakes.
    Those who do not read history are doomed to repeat it.
    Those who fail to learn from the mistakes of their predecessors are destined to repeat them.
    Those who do not know history’s mistakes are doomed to repeat them.

    There is a similar quote by Edmund Burke (in Revolution in France) that often leads to misattribution: “People will not look forward to posterity, who never look backward to their ancestors.”

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